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Lukashenko is surrounded by enemies

Yury Hubarevich, the officer responsible for regional development at NAM, gave a commentary to the FREEDOM channel on the usurper's statements about preparations for war.

Throughout 30 years of his rule, the dictator has consistently claimed that Belarus is surrounded by enemies, with the exception of Russia, which has been a traditional ally for him. However, recent years have had a significant impact on this perception.

Being his formal ally, Lukashenko is compelled to align himself with Putin's interests. In 2022, he allowed Russian forces to use Belarusian territory for invasion in Ukraine, accommodated Russian military personnel, provided them with medical assistance, and conducted joint military exercises. It is evident that Lukashenko cannot maintain a facade of peace while the war rages on elsewhere.

Is Russia prepared to initiate a new war in Europe?

Within Russia, there appears to be a readiness among the population. This sentiment was reflected in the results of the recent presidential elections, where more than half of the population still exhibits a willingness to fight and die for Putin, much like they did for Stalin. This mentality is deeply ingrained in Russian society.

What about the stance of Belarusians regarding the matter?

The sentiments in Belarus are entirely different. If Lukashenko were to send Belarusian soldiers into this dangerous situation, it could have severe consequences for him. Lukashenko is aware of these risks and attempts to limit his involvement to rhetoric about conducting military exercises. It is highly unlikely that Lukashenko would unilaterally decide to involve the Belarusian army in an actual military operation.




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