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Lukashenko regime's cooperation with the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine

Pavel Latushka, deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, ambassador

The Lukashenko regime, fearing new sanctions, does not always want to advertise its cooperation with the administration of the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as the development of all kinds of ties and contacts with them: economic, informational and ideological, political and others.

Such ties and contacts began even before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on 24 February 2022. Trade between Belarus and the occupied territories of Ukraine took place in an unlawful format at the level of separate legal entities with the mediation of Russian companies.

After February 2022, the Lukashenko regime's contacts with the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine became more intensive and reached the official political level.

For example, on 18 April 2023, Lukashenko held a meeting with the so-called "acting head of the DPR" Denis Pushilin as a person in the status of the head of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, during which he offered assistance in the restoration and development of this Russian-occupied territory.

In addition to cooperation with the "LPR" and "DPR", the illegitimate authorities of Belarus are developing official relations with occupied Crimea. In early March 2023, the leadership of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee and the Crimean authorities signed an agreement on trade and economic cooperation. The head of the occupation administration of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, and the chairman of the Vitebsk regional executive committee, Alexander Subbotin, agreed to strengthen relations between the regions and outlined the prospects for joint work. Aksyonov then stressed that "Belarusian enterprises are always welcome on the Crimean land. 

In addition, the illegitimate authorities of Belarus decided to open the Consulate General of the Republic of Belarus in Rostov-on-Don no later than 1 July 2024. This consular district will include the regions of Ukraine occupied by Russia.


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