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Lukashenko's associate assists in enforcing sanctions against dictator's allies

Oligarch Nikolai Vorobey presented his case to the EU Court of Justice, seeking the removal of sanctions imposed on him

Pavel Latushka, Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus and Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador.

Mr. Vorobey, along with others who find themselves in the same unfortunate situation as Lukashenko, disagreed with the dictator's claim that "sanctions made him stronger." Instead, he tried to shift sides by appealing to the EU Court, seeking support from a coalition of "unfriendly countries."

The like-minded individual, comrade, partner, and "treasurer" of Lukashenko, Vorobey aimed to prove his non-involvement in the regime.

In his lawsuit, he argued that the allegations against Bremino Group, his business entity involved in various sectors of the economy, did not demonstrate any support or benefit to Lukashenko's regime. He also highlighted that his economic activities in those sectors had either significantly decreased or were always limited.

It is worth noting that in his plea to the EU Court of Justice, Mr. Vorobey not only distanced himself from supporting Lukashenko's regime but also expressed displeasure that the Great Stone industrial park, which offers even more attractive tax benefits than its managing company "Bremino-Orsha," was not subject to sanctions. Although this information was not crucial to the court's decision regarding Mr. Vorobey, it was acknowledged and recorded in the ruling.

In fact, Nikolai Vorobey urged the EU Council to impose sanctions not only on the Great Stone company but also on all companies receiving tax breaks and other privileges from the Lukashenko regime.

The European Court of General Jurisdiction upheld the sanctions imposed by the Council of the European Union, rejecting Vorobey's request for their removal. Consequently, European companies are still prohibited from engaging in cooperation with this businessman, and his assets remain frozen.


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