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New Year for Lukashenko

А. Lukashenko Photo from the Internet

The issue of the illegal transfer of Ukrainian children remains prominent in the media. On New Year's Eve, several reports dedicated to Lukashenko’s involvement in the war crime, as well as to the documents prepared and submitted to the ICC by the NAM team, were published.

“Pavel Latushka, a former Belarusian culture minister turned opposition activist who has presented the ICC with evidence of Lukashenko’s alleged involvement in the unlawful deportation of the children, said the arrival of a new group from Russia-occupied territories ‘underlines the need for the ICC to investigate those crimes’.”


“The statements made at Thursday's event clearly target Lukashenko at the ICC, which is already facing pressure from humanitarian groups and Western governments to convict the Belarusian president, just as it happened to Putin.”


“According to a recent study conducted by Yale University, over 2,400 Ukrainian children between the ages of 6 and 17 were brought to Belarus from four Ukrainian regions partially occupied by Russian forces.”


“Despite international condemnation over Belarus's involvement in the deportation of Ukrainian children, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko openly participated in a government-sponsored meeting on Thursday, December 28, with children brought from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.”


“Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko attended a government-organized meeting with children brought from Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine on Thursday.”


“Pavel Latushka stated that the arrival of a new group of children from the temporarily occupied territories ‘underscores the need for the ICC to investigate these crimes’.”


“During an event commemorating the arrival of a new group of deported Ukrainian children on New Year's Eve, the Belarusian dictator cynically promised to ‘embrace these children, provide them warmth, and make their childhood happier’.”

The world media continues to highlight Lukashenko's role in the illegal movement of Ukrainian children.


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