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Regime athletes won’t be recognized

Vanessa Kaladzinskaya. Source:
Vanessa Kaladzinskaya. Source:

A total of 179 athletes affiliated with military or armed structures under Lukashenko's regime have been identified.

The United Transitional Cabinet and the NAM team have shared this list with international partners, including the Foreign Ministries of France and Germany.

During a meeting in Paris between Pavel Latushka, the Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet, representatives of the NAM team, and Samuel Ducroquet, the Sports Ambassador of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussions were held regarding the verification of athletes declared by the Lukashenko regime for potential participation in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The French representative expressed readiness to fully comply with the current criteria set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which does not allow participation of athletes affiliated with armed or military structures in Belarus.

Among the athletes announced by the regime to participate in the Paris Olympic Games are Vanessa Kaladzinskaya (freestyle wrestling) and Anastasia Shkurdai (swimming). The National Anti-Crisis Management team has informed the IOC, UWW (United World of Wrestling), and the host country of the 2024 Olympic Games about the affiliation of Vanessa Kaladzinskaya with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lukashenko regime. Relevant documents confirming the affiliation of Anastasia Shkurdai with the Armed Forces during her previous Olympic Games participation have also been sent to the IOC by the NAM.

On December 19, Lukashenko signed a "decree" awarding the "Belarusian Sports Olympus" award, which included Vanessa Kaladzinskaya among its recipients. The "decree" explicitly states that the athlete belongs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lukashenko regime. This published "decree" confirms the information provided by the NAM team regarding Vanessa Kaladzinskaya. Consequently, based on the established criteria for Belarusian passport holders, it is deemed impossible for Vanessa Kaladzinskaya and other athletes affiliated with power or military bodies to participate in the Olympic Games.

Individual athletes with a Belarusian passport who meet the IOC criteria will be eligible to participate in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. However, athletes who actively support the war or have affiliations with armed or military bodies will not be considered for participation. Additionally, officials and government members will not be invited to the games in Paris.

The NAM team will continue to collaborate with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to verify the eligibility of athletes for participation in the Olympic Games in Paris.


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