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Remember that famous fairy tale by Gianni Rodari?

Pavel Latushka: Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

The one where "The prisons are usually built for those who steal and kill, but it’s another way round in Prince Lemon’s kingdom: thieves and killers rest in his palace, while honest citizens are kept in prison."

Well, the thief and killer, the dictator and military criminal Lukashenko, is no fairy tale character. He's a real-life tyrant.

And in Lukashenko's real-world prison, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate sits locked up. A world-renowned human rights activist named Ales Bialiacki. Thousands of other honest people of different professional backgrounds are also rotting in his jails. In this harsh reality, over 136,000 Belarusians have become victims of Lukashenko regime’s crimes against humanity, including torture and rape.

Half a million Belarusians have fled their homeland because Lukashenko has turned it into one big prison and military staging ground.

And right on Belarus's doorstep, there's a terrible war raging against Ukraine, unleashed by Russia with Lukashenko's support.

Maybe this real world looks like this because it is possible to throw a Nobel Laureate in jail in front of everyone, with no repercussions? Maybe it looks like this because it is possible to  imprison, torture, rape, and kill thousands of innocent people without facing any responsibility for that?

The question arises – is the world too afraid of Lukashenko?

And if the world continues to allow persons like Lukashenko to get away with atrocities, then how much longer will the Nobel laureate remain locked up?

I'll tell you – the Nobel laureate will stay in prison for as long as the world allows Lukashenko to keep doing this. For as long as the world fails to remind itself what taking the responsibility is about.

Taking responsibility for those who gave their freedom, their health, and their lives for this world. As well as bringing to responsibility those who took the freedom and lives of innocent people.



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