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Ruscism in Belarus: will it pass or not?

Persecution for language, torture, mockery and yellow tags for Belarusian-language political prisoners, destruction of Belarusian-language publishing houses, bookstores, schools, etc. organizations, consistent discrimination against the Belarusian language and active Russification of all spheres of state and public life, education and culture, demonization of national symbols and harsh persecution for their use...

Procession in Minsk "Belarus Za Russia"
Procession in Minsk "Belarus Za Russia"

All these and many other manifestations of purposeful anti-Belarusian, anti-national policy and ideology in our country, for the implementation of which the pro-Russian puppet Lukashenko regime is responsible, are absolutely not accidental. This is a strategy. It is a strategy of destroying the national identity, self-consciousness and self-determination of the Belarusians, destroying the sovereignty and statehood of Belarus in principle - their dissolution into the so-called "Russian world".

On February 24, 2023, having completed the process of hybrid occupation of Belarus by the hands of its puppet Lukashenko regime, Russia once again invaded Ukraine. And if it was not obvious to anyone in the world before, today it simply cannot be denied: Russia's aggressive strategy is based on a certain ideology — the ideology of racism.

Russian military in Belarus
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In the video, we dissected the signs and practices of racism in Belarus and tried to find answers to the fundamental questions which we, the Belarusians, have been avoiding for quite a long time:

  1. Are we willing to accept that racism in our country will win and become the ideology of Belarus?

  2. Will we allow our identity to be destroyed and turn us into "Russians with a quality mark" and independent Belarus into "Belarus", part of the "Russian world"?

  3. Do we want to feel the consequences of the war unleashed by the Russians and become a nuclear target on the map of Europe?

  4. Do we want to share the shame and responsibility for war crimes committed by Russia and its puppet Lukashenko regime against Ukraine?

Racism in Ukraine will not win. Russia will not win this war. But what will happen to us, what side of history and civilization we will be on, whether we will save ourselves as a nation, or save our country, all depends only on ourselves.

People's protest Minsk, Independence Square, August 2020
People's protest Minsk, Independence Square, August 2020 Source:



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