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Sanctions for the use of political prisoners’ slave labor

Pavel Latushka: Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

Obscurantism in Belarus persists without respite. Hundreds of Belarusians have been recently detained. The National Anti-Crisis Management engaged in discussions with European MPs this weekend and presented proposals for a draft resolution by the European Parliament, which is expected to be adopted shortly.

We urge the EU Council to:

1. Swiftly implement sanctions on all goods produced through the use of forced labor by political prisoners in Belarusian penitentiary institutions. These sanctions aim to compel Lukashenko to release political prisoners.

2. Facilitate the prompt harmonization of trade sanctions between the Lukashenko regime and Russia.

3. Restrict the transit of sanctioned goods through Belarus and Russia, including the establishment of special quotas, to prevent the circumvention of existing restrictions.

4. Strengthen financial sanctions against the Lukashenko regime, Russia's primary ally in the aggression against Ukraine. This may include the closure or blocking of correspondent accounts held by Belarusian banks that provide services to sanctioned companies from Russia and Belarus.

5. Impose sanctions on the financial messaging system of the Bank of Russia, which is similar to the SWIFT system. This system is exploited by Russian authorities and companies to conceal attempts to evade restrictive measures.

These proposals have also been communicated to the foreign ministers of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, and other countries by the NAM team.

Our efforts to exert pressure on the Lukashenko regime will not cease. The regime must be held accountable for all the crimes committed against the people of Belarus.



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