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Stages of the Kremlin's strategy in Belarus

Pavel Latushka on the air of the FREEDOM channel

Stage 1. Creation of information and propaganda pressure on the Ukrainian authorities in order to force Ukraine to start negotiations.

Stage 2. Concentration of a significant grouping of Russian armed forces with the participation of Belarusian military personnel in order to draw the maximum number of Ukrainian armed forces to the border with Belarus.

Stage 3. Creation of a local conflict on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border in order to tie up the MFU on the border with Belarus.

Stage 4. Repeated attack on the territory of Ukraine. There are two possible directions of aggression - to Kiev or to Volyn in order to cut off the delivery routes of weapons from the West.

Today it is more likely that the first stage is under way, smoothly passing into the second one.

An essential element that poses risks and threats not only to Ukraine and Europe is the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus in order to create a "nuclear umbrella" over the grouping of the armed forces of Russia and the Lukashenko regime.


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