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Stop Lukashenka's dictatorship

In the constant thirst for unlimited power, Lukashenka has no place for thoughts about the development of the country.

Only a dictator needs a "referendum" on changes to the Constitution. Belarus and Belarusians need changes that have nothing to do with the "referendum" and those changes to the Constitution that are designed to preserve the dictatorship in the country.

Many of us were out of politics and believed that this was an unnecessary and even "harmful" area. We were convinced that there is nothing to get into this politics. Our non-participation in the political life of the country allowed Lukashenka to hold on to power.

The potential of Belarusians is enough to create a system that works FOR the people.

Details are in the video.

If you also do not agree with the "referendum" that will be held in February — talk about it:

  • Make a post talking about the upcoming "referendum"

  • Tell in the text what you are against and for, invalidating the ballot

  • Can you attach a photo with crossed arms

  • In publications, use the hashtag #перечеркнибеззаконие

We understand that not everyone is ready to publicly support the campaign against the illegal "referendum" in Belarus. But you can express your position anonymously. Send the text to the chatbot.



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