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The Belarusian people are the guarantor of Ukraine's security

NAM Head Pavel Latushka in an interview with TV Apostrophe

Lukashenko wants to act as a guarantor in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, and he himself demands security guarantees. The sanctions are getting tougher, the regime has less money, and Putin is in no hurry to fulfill the promises he made.

How can a country act as a guarantor of security, from the territory of which rockets are launched into Ukraine. What guarantees does the regime require if Ukraine has never planned and does not plan to attack Belarus?

Belarusian resistance to the regime continues and expands. Under the risk of detention and torture, Belarusians are waging a rail war, holding protests, carrying out public intelligence, and distributing samizdat. Belarusians who fled the regime abroad a year ago are now helping refugees from Ukraine.



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