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Theses of Pavel Latushko's interview with Euroradio

Pavlo Latushko Source: NAM-media

About perception of Belarusians and propaganda in Belarus

1. The problem of obtaining European visas by Belarusians should be considered much more broadly:«How is Belarus assessed today through the prism of the activities of the Lukashenko regime?».

2. Unfortunately, today the interpretation of Belarusians looks like we are being put on the same level as the citizens of Russia. And these are the results of what Lukashenko is doing. It’s his fault. Therefore, the task for us is to separate, in people’s mind, the actions of the regime from the approaches of the Belarusian society.

3. Our society inside Belarus is like in the gas chamber of Nazi Germany. The gas is supplied not to kill, but to stupefy. And this gas is propaganda resources that are being used in Belarus against freedom of thought and self-expression, in order to impose propaganda of the Russian world. This gas supply is carried out at the expense of propaganda funds that are allocated from the Russian budget in order to make Belarusians part of this Russian world as soon as possible.

About the government

1. The creation of a government in exile is not an initiative, it is a political decision. To date, there are active consultations on the establishment of the provisional government as the national authority of the Republic of Belarus.

2. When today in Belarus, the temporarily occupied territory, there is a government of Lukashenko that has usurped power, which is a puppet government and implements only the interests of the Russian Federation and the interests of preserving the instrument of power in the hands of the usurper, then we must talk about the creation of a real people’s government that would pursue the interests of Belarusians.

3. The main thing is that this government should represent a wide range of political forces, people who are acting today in the interests of the independence of the Republic of Belarus.

4. I do not believe that Lukashenko will live to the end of his rule in the position he usurped. There are two scenarios: Putin will remove him (forcibly or in a pseudo-reformist way) or Belarusians will do it, including those who went to fight for Ukraine.

There will be a situation when it will be necessary to take power in hands. Either the Russian generals will take it, or the Belarusian people, who must be represented by someone, will do it.

Today there is a potential opportunity to create such a structure — a government, which will be recognized de jure when it is on the territory of Belarus, de facto this government can be recognized almost immediately as soon as it begins to communicate with other foreign states. Then the voice of Belarusians will be clearer, more substantial, understandable and to some extent binding for another country to listen more carefully and make decisions in the interests of the Belarusian people.

5. When the government is created, a very important moment will arise, we will be able to say: "We are separating the Belarusian society from the regime. We have our own government, which represents the Belarusian people, who are oppressed in Belarus, who are imprisoned, tortured, expelled from the country."

6. Such an institution as the government is necessary. But what is very important is not the formality of its creation, but who will be in it (there should be a wide range of political forces, people who are acting in the interests of Belarus' independence), what program it will adopt, and whether it will be a program of action, and not empty chatter. We need very clear and specific points that need to be implemented and that will be implemented. This is the only way it can find its place in the sun.

About the independence of Belarus

1. Our national idea is the state of the Republic of Belarus, it is the survival, further existence and development of the Belarusian nation.

2. For us today, the most important threat to the security and sovereignty of Belarus is the presence of Russian armed forces on the territory of Belarus. But this is not just a question of today. The issue of occupation actually began to advance progressively from the moment Lukashenko usurped power in the Republic of Belarus.

3. He [Lukashenko] has come under the full control of the Kremlin, which is growing with such force that today he has actually lost much of his subjectivity.

4. How does Lukashenko promote the interests of the Belarusian people? Does he create economic conditions for the development of the country? No. Does he create opportunities for a person’s self-realization? No. Does he respect human rights? No. Do we have a future under such leadership? No. Is the war in Ukraine our interest? No. Is it our interest to provide the territory of Belarus for aggression? No. The answer to all questions is "No".

5. Lukashenko is violating everything that is possible today. Starting from basic national acts and ending with international law (the Constitution of Belarus, the treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with Ukraine, etc.). And he does this not in the interests of the Belarusian people, but only in the interests of the Kremlin and his own interests.

6. For us, the main issue is de-occupation of Belarus, to achieve the withdrawal of Russian troops from our territory. It meets the interests of the Belarusian people, it meets the interests of regional security, the security of Ukraine and it also meets the interests of the EU security.

7. Belarussian school, language, cinema, theater are being destroyed in Belarus. Where is our right to exist? For Russia, Belarus does not exist as a state.

8. About the possibility of a dialogue with Lukashenko: "I don’t believe that Lukashenko will release all political prisoners, that he will restore independent media, NGOs. Only the non-existence of Lukashenko in power gives us a reason to change the situation. To do this, we need social sanctions, political restrictions, it is necessary to raise the question of Lukashenko’s criminal responsibility for crimes in Ukraine. One of two facts is enough to charge Lukashenko: Belarusian servicemen are participating in the war on the territory of Ukraine, Ukraine itself speaks about this, as well as the fact that providing the territory of Belarus for aggression is also aggression. We should not forget that Putin’s only ally is Alexander Lukashenko”.

9. Belarusian volunteers who are fighting for the independence of Ukraine are heroes, they are heroes of the Belarusian nation, they today are trying to significantly change this negative perception of Belarusians in Europe. They risk their lives to show that Belarusians are not with Lukashenko, Belarusians are not with Putin, Belarusians are for the independence of Ukraine and for the independent Republic of Belarus.


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