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To be ready for change

Yury Hubarevich: Responsible for regional development at NAM

Yury Hubarevich, responsible for regional development at NAM, recently appeared on the Belsat News channel to discuss the "Personnel Reserve" program.

The "Personnel Reserve" program aims to train administrators for various positions within the public administration system, not only at the central level but also in regional administrations. The program recognizes the need for new individuals in Belarus who are untainted by the crimes committed by the Lukashenko regime, individuals who have not dismissed subordinates based on their political views or organized election fraud.

In certain areas, a complete replacement of personnel will be required. These individuals will need to be sourced and ideally trained so that they possess an understanding of how the state system operates, how decisions are made, and how to effectively manage teams. A comprehensive training system has been established to ensure these individuals are well-prepared.

However, the first step is to identify proactive individuals who envision themselves within this system and have a desire to serve in public office, actively contribute to the changes, and implement public policies aligned with new democratic politics. 

The "Personnel Reserve" program serves as a means to support Belarus and its citizens. It represents an investment in the future and an opportunity for democratic forces in Belarus to bring about prepared and meaningful changes within the country.



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