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Trade Sanctions Against Lukashenko's Regime and Russia to be Harmonized

The European Union is currently in the process of preparing a comprehensive package of trade sanctions that will incorporate specific provisions from the "Latushka’s Team and Movement for Freedom" coalition program. Our perspectives have been acknowledged by the EU, and efforts regarding sanctions are starting to yield positive outcomes.

According to a report by "Radio Svaboda," the European Commission has drafted a new set of sanctions aimed at intensifying measures against the Lukashenko regime for its support of Russian aggression in Ukraine. The objective is also to align the sanctions with those imposed on Russia.

Our team had previously sent letters to the European Commission, the European External Action Service, and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of several EU member states, emphasizing the necessity for harmonizing sanctions against the Lukashenko regime. The EU is now prepared to adopt these proposals.

We have consistently stressed the importance of implementing such measures, along with other significant actions, to put an end to the exploitation of Belarus as a "black hole" used to circumvent existing sanctions. For instance, documents have revealed instances where goods are initially shipped from Poland to Georgia, but in Belarus, the intended recipient is changed to a company within the Russian Military Industry.

The European Commission's project includes new restrictions, such as a ban on the export of dual-use goods to Belarus, as well as navigation equipment and luxury items — categories of goods that have been particularly susceptible to illegal re-exports to Russia.

A significant emphasis is placed on enhancing re-export controls, which will help prevent these goods from entering Russia through Belarus.

Moreover, restrictions have been introduced on the import of specific goods from Belarus, including diamonds and mineral products. Additionally, limitations have been imposed on the export of goods and technologies used in oil refining to Belarus.

It is crucial for us to emphasize that sanctions must not only be comprehensive but also robust enough to close any loopholes. Otherwise, individuals connected to the regime will continue to benefit from these sanctions through various circumvention schemes.

We remain committed to working towards the enforcement and reinforcement of these measures, with the ultimate goal of promoting peace and security in the region.



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