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US Ambassador Julie Fisher meets with the NAM team

Meeting between Pavel Latushka and US Ambassador Julie Fisher
Meeting between Pavel Latushka and US Ambassador Julie Fisher Source: NAM-media

US synchronizes sanctions against Lukashenka’s regime with EU and UK decisions

On December 2, Pavel Latushka and other members of the NAM team met with US Ambassador Julie Fisher at the office of the National Anti-Crisis Management. The meeting participants discussed the NAM strategy aimed at meeting the requirements of the Belarusian society after the rigged elections in Belarus.

Attention was also paid to the issues of pressure on the regime as a factor of the dictator’s responsibility for massive repressions against the Belarusian people. The ambassador noted that the US is synchronizing with the EU and Great Britain the sanctions against the Lukashenka’s regime, which will be announced today.

The US representative informed that the policy towards the dictator Lukashenka will not undergo changes. Further instruments of economic pressure in connection with unprecedented violations of human rights in Belarus were discussed separately. During the meeting, they also touched upon the issues of regional security, the threat of which is posed by Lukashenka.


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