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We have a choice

Pavel Latushka, deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, ambassador

Lukashenko said that he will run for election in 2025. He asked his propagandists to tell us so. And at the same time he accused us of it. They say that if we keep "pushing" him, he will go even faster. 

My answer to that is that we will. And he will run. But not for the elections. We will do everything to put Lukashenko on the international criminal wanted list and bring him to justice. For war crimes for the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children. For crimes against humanity against Belarusian men and women.

We will continue to seek new sanctions. We will continue the process of harmonizing anti-war sanctions. We will continue to build and strengthen our alternative authorities, to prepare our personnel reserve. We will continue to involve acting officials, those who have not stained themselves with crimes and know that even in the situation of no-choice elections Belarus has a choice. A choice of values, civilisation, and Europe. 

This is the choice that really faces us, Belarusans. And Belarusians will be able to make it, because Belarusians will always agree with Belarusians. Without Lukashenko.

Yes, the system is not stable and not ready for his leaving. It is monolithic only as long as there is a "monolith" in its center. But the monolith made of Lukashenko, an old and sick dictator, is like a child's sand dolly. The system is trying to invent some schemes, some superstructures, "collective Lukashenko" in the form of the National Assembly or the Security Council, is trying to rewrite the Constitution in case the sandy "monolith" suddenly crumbles. 

And it is sure to crumble. And all these artificial solutions, all these "crutches" that the system puts under itself will not work. It will fall with it. And we will help it. 

And no matter how Lukashenko tries to deprive Belarusians of choice — we have a choice. We will finish what we started in 2020.



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