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We propose to come to the polling stations and show disagreement with Lukashenka's regime

Lena Zhivoglod, the NAM coordinator, on the future of the referendum

The main thing from the broadcast of "Euroradio":

  • "There is already a common position on the referendum, it is the position of the three civil initiatives: *Honest People, Zubr, and Voice; as well as the political headquarters: Sviatlana Tsihanouskaya’s Office, the National Anti-Crisis Management, and the Coordination Council. I am eternally glad that we have a common and balanced position.

  • "The referendum is a deception and a crime, that’s how this event should be treated. There are no illusions that Lukashenka is really going to carry out reforms. We propose to come to the polling stations and express our disagreement with the Lukashenka regime. We will definitely not offer to vote for any of the variants of the regime. We will still talk about the algorithm of actions: what to do with the ballot and what will happen next."

  • "We must come to the polling stations and demonstrate our disagreement: with what is happening in the country, with the fact that Lukashenka’s regime has seized power by force. This is an opportunity for every Belarusian to express his attitude.

  • "The year 2020 has caused a lot of trouble for the illegitimate government. The situation is developing more dynamically than it could. Lukashenka cannot forbid us to come to the polls. But he is afraid of the protest turnout, afraid that the Belarusians who do not agree with the regime will come."

"We understand that the referendum will offer two options that are beneficial only to Lukashenka. It will be a manipulation and deception. We all, the Belarusans, must not let ourselves be deceived."


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