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52 million losses of "Grodno Azot". Destroyer of legends of Belarusian industry

"The largest enterprise in the country — Grodno Azot — lost 52 million dollars. This is the price of the original economic model"

New issue of the NAM heading "Destroyer of legends of Belarusian industry". In each episode, we compare the industrial legends of Belarus with similar enterprises in the world. The Head of the column is Mikhail Kirilyuk, leader of the NAM justice team, anti-crisis manager with 5 years of experience.

We looked into the field of nitrogen compounds and fertilizers production. And they compared the two largest enterprises: JSC "Grodno Azot" and the Norwegian chemical company "Yara International ASA".

In the new video you will learn:

  • income of enterprises, taking into consideration that Grodno Azot was included in the sanctions list only in 2021;

  • sales volumes, net profit and profitability of Grodno Azot and Yara;

  • do the economic indicators of Grodno Azot comply with the norms of the Ministry of Economy?

We are waiting for your conclusions in the comments. Happy viewing!



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