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Pavel Latushka about Yara

The Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka — on the hypocrisy of the Yara management on the issue of stopping the purchase of potash fertilizers from Belaruskali from April, 1

— Yara's speculations on the "protection of workers' rights" have all along served as a cover for its financial relations with Lukashenka’s regime. Yara’s leadership obstinately ignores the fact that the sanctions are imposed precisely because of flagrant human rights violations in Belarus, including workers' rights.

— Almost a hundred and fifty people, about a thousand days of cumulative arrests, dozens of criminal and administrative cases, lists of "unreliable" employees, involved in protests and disloyal to the regime. What protection of workers' rights is Mr Svein Tore Holzeter talking about?

— The NAM has always taken a principled stance on Yara. Every Norwegian MP, Norwegian Foreign Minister, Trade Minister and Yara management have repeatedly been told by us that protecting human rights in Belarus takes precedence over financial interests. Nevertheless, the business relationship between Yara and the Lukashenka regime continued no matter what.

— It is a shame that the deadline set by US sanctions to end the relationship with the BPC was the only and necessary reason for Yara to refuse to cooperate with the regime.

— Yara has proved its unscrupulousness, we are under no illusions about the integrity of this company. But its leadership should understand that for us, fighting the regime and its associates is a matter of principle. We will be vigilant and will definitely monitor the use of sanctions evasion schemes to counter them.


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