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6 Years in Prison for the Truth

Source: "Viasna"

Today I want to pass on words of support to my cousin Anatoly Latushko, another person whose fate the repressive Lukashenko machine tried to crush today.

Today he was sentenced to 6 years for "hooliganism," "attempting to disrupt a referendum," and "illegal data collection."

Read: “For Truth”. “For Justice”. “For position”.

Before everyone's eyes, our Belarus continues to sink into the darkness of a totalitarian dictatorship, "Varankas" drive through the deserted streets of the country as in the 30s, and people "disappear" on lists. While they are found alive, they are almost always behind bars.

The regime sneakily destroys the most sacred and inviolable thing in our lives: it destroys families, deprives loved ones. Some of them, unfortunately, for good.

I know that Anatoly is a worthy son of his parents, a son of Belarus and he loves his motherland very much. He is among thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of Belarusians who believe in freedom of Belarus, who believe we will get it back. We will return together.

On this day, my thoughts are with Anatoly, with all the Belarusians in prison.

I believe that we will meet again soon — in New Belarus, which we will build together. And under thousands of white-red-white flags flying over Belarus, brave, honest, dignified Belarusians will emerge from the walls.


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