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A referendum offered by an illegitimate government is a crime. And we cannot ignore it

A referendum in Belarus is scheduled for February 2022. But it is already clear that it will lead to neither real changes, nor to a "direct expression of the will of the citizens. The choice will be between Lukashenka’s system and Lukashenka’s system.

Moreover, a referendum in Belarus is impossible now. There is no freedom of speech in the country, but there is terror. There are thousands of political prisoners in Belarus, the largest media outlets are blocked, and journalists are jailed or expelled from the country.

The real question for the referendum is "Do you trust Lukashenka and his entourage to determine domestic and foreign policy in our country? Except that on the ballot, both answers will be "Yes." It is not a choice.

But we cannot ignore the referendum either. Our silence and inaction is acquiescence to the policies of an illegitimate government. If we turn a blind eye to the referendum, we are playing along with Lukashenka.

The only option is to go to the polls. We will make the whole world see that the Belarusians do not want to live under Lukashenka’s regime and still want change. We will not let the illegitimate power commit another crime.

The democratic forces have prepared a clear plan of action for the referendum. And we will tell you about it soon — all together.

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