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A set of measures to improve combat readiness of special operations forces has been carried out

Representative for Defense and National Security of the United Transitional Cabinet commented to the channel "Belsat" on the information about the possible mobilization in Belarus in the near future

"The information is very serious. The question of the date remains open. But there are a lot of costly preparations that no one ever does for nothing: a private Belarusian company "Gardservice" was deployed very seriously, a lot of employees were hired with large salaries, a range of activities to improve the combat readiness of the units and forces of special operations was held - this has never been done in the history of independent Belarus, and it is certainly not for training.

Valery Sakhashchyk also informed that the formation and staffing of the Belarusian military units within the Ukrainian Armed Forces is going on successfully.

Sakhashchyk said: "Every reasonable person should understand that the regime is not much left, and all these people may subsequently become involved in criminal cases. That is why every reasonable person now has to do no feats, but not mean deeds. So that then with a clear conscience you can live in a normal new country”.



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