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A tough reaction is needed to the complicity of the dictator in possible aggression

Pavel Latushka appealed to the British Foreign Office on the need for a tough response to the complicity of the dictator in possible aggression

During the meeting with the Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain, the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka and the foreign policy officer of the NAM Vladzimir Astapenka brought a principled position on the need for real steps to non-recognize Lukashenka and deprive him of sources of international funding, as well as to bring him to criminal responsibility for the genocide of the Belarusian people, torture, an act of air piracy, a hybrid aggression against the EU, and an attempt to wage a war of aggression.

The promotion of issues of criminal liability of the regime was discussed with the participation of UK law firms, with which the NAM has established cooperation.

Representatives of the UK have a clear understanding of the threats posed by the deployment of the Russian Armed Forces on the territory of Belarus, and the possible involvement of Belarusian military personnel to escalate the situation around Ukraine.

Possible measures of financial sanctions against the regime for destabilizing the situation in the region were discussed. Representatives of the NAM noted the importance of synchronizing the actions of the EU, the US, Canada and the UK in order to increase pressure on the regime to stop mass repressions in Belarus.

Pavel Latushka and Vladzimir Astapenka noted the importance of preventing Belarus from being excluded from the international agenda due to the growing tension between Russia, Ukraine and NATO.

The Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain was also informed of the general position of the democratic forces on the non-recognition of Lukashenka’s right to call the so-called "referendum" on changing the constitution of the Republic of Belarus.


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