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The Czech Republic will continue to support Belarusians in the struggle for independence and freedom

Head of NAM Pavel Latushka with the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Jakub Duerr

The NAM team continues intensive meetings with foreign diplomats to present their position in connection with the actions of the Lukashenka regime to destabilize the situation in the region and the non-recognition of the so-called "referendum" on the Constitution of Belarus.

The NAM head Pavel Latushka and the NAM foreign policy adviser Artem Brukhan met with Czech Ambassador Jakub Duerr. The representative of the Czech Republic was given the proposals of the democratic forces of Belarus on actions against the Lukashenka regime with a request to inform the new government of the Czech Republic.

The ambassador, in turn, said that the new government of the Czech Republic would not shift its focus on the issue of supporting the Belarusian people.

Special attention during the meeting was paid to the sanctions package against the Lukashenka regime in order to exclude exemptions from the EU sanctions and coordinate them with the sanctions of the United States and Great Britain, as well as other countries.


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