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Aleinik cried on the shoulder of the Hungarian Foreign Minister

At a meeting with Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó (the very fact of which, of course, causes bewilderment and many questions to the moral values of official Budapest), the so-called Foreign Minister of Belarus Aleinik decided to whine about the sanctions

According to Aleinik, as it turns out — the great "humanist" and "champion of human rights" - the sanctions against Lukashenko’s regime are "anti-humane". It turns out that it is the sneaky (or bloody?) West that separates families and does not let Belarusians see their loved ones. It imposes an air embargo and closes border crossings. True, the freight — but, apparently, the so-called minister is sincerely concerned about the truckers, I do not know …

Except that Mr. Aleinik completely forgot to mention the reasons for such measures. Maybe he has not yet fully got up to speed in his new position and has forgotten that in 2021 the regime hijacked a civilian plane? Maybe the so-called minister is not aware that since 2021 the regime is the mastermind of the migration crisis on the borders with the EU? Or has he somehow overlooked the fact that the Lukashenko regime has been participating in the war against Ukraine for a year now?

 Sergey Aleinik and Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó in Minsk on February 13, 2023
Source: Facebook / szijjarto.peter.official

Indeed, why would our Western neighbors suddenly behave so horribly?

Aleinik’s scrambling cynicism is simply disgusting. Is the West to blame for the fact that the Belarusians can’t see their loved ones? And why were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Belarusians forced to leave their country? Mass repressions, murders, beatings, torture, dismissals from work, criminal cases, and persecution of dissenters — maybe the insidious West invented all this, too?

No. It is the criminal Lukashenko regime, whom the so-called minister serves, that is responsible for the fact that hundreds of thousands of Belarusians — relatives and friends — have found themselves on opposite sides of the border. It is Lukashenko regime — and no one else — that is responsible for the fences on the borders with Belarus, the closure of the border crossings and the ceasing of the flight service. Lukashenko is fully responsible for sanctions imposed in response to his numerous crimes, which have long ago spread beyond the borders of Belarus and become international. And in February 2022 this crimes became military ones. It was Lukashenko who organized the persecution of the Polish minority in Belarus and sent one of the leaders of the Union of Poles, Andrzej Poczobut, to prison for 8 years — after which Poland ultimatumatically closed the Bobrowniki border crossing.

The last minutes of the Bobrovniki border crossing operation
The last minutes of the Bobrovniki border crossing operation Source:

And today, this criminal regime is complaining to a Hungarian minister? Blaming the West?

What’s next? Will it blame the inhumane border closures on Ukraine, too? How many people there have FOREVER lost the opportunity to see and hug their relatives and loved ones — because they were simply killed? Killed by the Russian troops that Lukashenko allowed to cross the border and to whom he gave military control of the territory of Belarus. Killed by the rockets, of which only from the territory of Belarus about eight hundred were fired. Killed by the shells and bullets that the Lukashenko regime has been producing and serving to Russia all this time. Killed by the offensive military equipment, which the regime removed from mothballs and sent to the front.

Sergey Aleinik and Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó in Minsk on February 13, 2023
Source: Facebook / szijjarto.peter.official

So all this, according to Mr. Aleinik, is humane?

And according to Mr. Szijjártó as well? If memory serves me right, Hungary is still a part of the European Union. But apparently its government is guided by very different values. Or by the lack of them.

Because that’s the only explanation why a high-ranking European official could shake hands with the so-called foreign minister of the Lukashenko regime. The regime of a dictator, terrorist and war criminal, which has already been voted to be held accountable before tribunal both by the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. And which right now is holding a trial against Nobel laureate Ales Belyatski, while Aleinik and Szijjártó complain to each other about the "anti-humane" and "wrong sanctions policy".

I hope that the European Union will give this meeting a proper assessment. Consistent with the values that the European Union has been declaring since its creation.



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