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All representatives of the reshaped UTC gathered in Warsaw for a series of working meetings

Source: NAM-media

The first meeting focused on the defense bloc of the strategy. The Representatives:

  • finalized the Peramoga Plan, assessed the readiness for its activation, and decided to begin preparing the society for implementation of the Plan;

  • approved the plans for several active law enforcement officials in the officer ranks to join the activities of the Cabinet;

  • finalized the plan to open training centers (units) for Belarusians engaged in the activities to restore law and order in the country, led by Representatives of the Cabinet Aliaksandr Azarau and Valery Sakhashchyk, with Cabinet Representative Alina Koushyk joining their work to familiarize unit members with the national culture and history;

  • discussed a logistical assistance plan for Belarusian military volunteers in Ukraine.

The Representatives also discussed:

  • candidates for the position of the Cabinet Representative on Social Issues;

  • establishment of official relations with Ukraine;

  • strengthening of the international coalition of support for Belarus for the future transition period: international recognition of the Cabinet and obtaining financial support for Belarus.


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