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International pressure on the Lukashenko regime

The NAM deputy head Vladzimir Astapenka about the international isolation of Lukashenko's regime

How do you assess the European Parliament resolution on Belarus?

The European Parliament resolution on the events in Belarus, in my opinion, is a very important document.

We know that the European Parliament is elected by the entire population of Europe, while MEPs represent almost all major European parties, so their opinion is, in fact, the opinion of the peoples of Europe.

In this resolution the parliament once again argues that the Lukashenko regime is illegitimate and that European countries must do everything possible to change the situation in Belarus. The resolution also welcomes the creation of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus in addition to the existing Coordination Council and National Anti-Crisis Management, and calls on all European countries to cooperate with these structures to achieve the goals of the Belarusians.

Obviously, the European Parliament does not ignore the issue of protecting human rights and bringing to justice all those who have systematically and massively violated these rights in Belarus. This is why the European Parliament supports initiatives to create special international tribunals to bring criminals to justice.

Has the position of European politicians changed in relation to Lukashenko?

It is clear to us, and it becomes obvious to all interested parties, that there is nothing to talk about with Lukashenko today, because he continues repressions against the Belarusian people and participation of our country in the war against Ukraine.

We will continue our efforts to increase pressure on the regime, support the protest activity of the Belarusians, and strengthen the coalition of fighters for democratic change in Belarus. We will do this against the backdrop of the basic thesis that no one will negotiate with a criminal, terrorist regime.

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