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One and a half hours of lies – a propagandist's interview with an elderly madman

Pavel Latushko dismantled lies in Lukashenka's interview with a pro-Russian propagandist wanted by the Security Service of Ukraine or SBU

You can probably guess what I'm talking about. And if you don't – all the better. TV in Belarus has long ago ceased to be a source of useful information, having turned into a tool of 24-hour propaganda and incitement to hatred. This will definitely change. The mad dictator and his odious propagandists will remain in the past, which we will all remember with the words – never again.

But to make it happen faster – we must fight. Including the flow of lies, with which they are trying to poison us and our loved ones. Lukashenko once again tried to uncover such a stream of unconcealed, impudent lies in his one and a half hour interview to the so-called "Ukrainian journalist", who is in fact a pro-Russian propagandist wanted by the Ukrainian Security Service.

So what did Lukashenko lie about once again for an hour and a half?

The first lie is the dictator's statement that he did not know and did not discuss with Putin the preparation of war against Ukraine.

Let me just remind you that the joint military exercise of Belarus and Russia "Union determination 2022" was to end on 20 February. And the Russian group of troops was supposed to leave the territory of Belarus. However, they not only didn't end, but were extended. And the troops, which were supposed to leave our country along with equipment, as publicly promised by the late Minister Makei on 16 February, remained in Belarus. By the way, Khrenin's ministry officially announced that they would remain in Belarus as early as on 20 February.

Although today Lukashenko lies that the Russian troops allegedly started to withdraw then. Allegedly, they were preparing to leave for the Far East.

But only on 24 February, the whole group invaded Ukraine. Including from Belarus. And not just unimpeded, but with full infrastructural and logistical support of Lukashenko's regime. Which he was ready to provide. On Lukashenko's part, everything was ready for the access of Russian troops through the Belarus-Ukraine border and for its logistics support.

It is all the more disgusting to listen to the dictator's arguments that the war could have been stopped.

It really could have been stopped – if Lukashenko had not opened our border to the Russians. The border of a sovereign state obliged to protect it.

But Lukashenko not only did not protect the border. But even on 23 February, that is, before the direct invasion, by his own admission, he allowed strikes on the territory of Ukraine. Allegedly – preventive. Allegedly, Ukraine was preparing to launch Point U missiles on the territory of Belarus.

And allegedly these systems were destroyed "preventively" by missile strikes from our territory. The question arises – if the threat, which Lukashenko later told about, showing 4 positions on the map, was neutralized, i.e. no "Point U" threatened Belarus, why was the invasion of Ukraine from our territory allowed anyway?

The answer is simple – Lukashenko is a liar. There was no threat. There was a planned attack, planned jointly by him and Russia, prepared and carried out under the cover of so-called allied exercises.

Not to mention that there was no act of aggression on the part of Ukraine either. Therefore, the strikes from the territory of Belarus on 23 February could not be of a defensive nature. Which directly indicates that Lukashenko first committed an act of military aggression even before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Then he committed it again, having provided Belarusian territory for invasion, having provided infrastructure and rear of this invasion. And also – more than 800 missile strikes on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus.

It's called "Sasha, will you back me up, please?". No, it's called complicity in the war. Conscious, voluntary. Planned.

The second lie of Lukashenko is that the Belarusian military did not take part in the war.

But maintenance of the Russian strike group is participation. The opening of the border for it by the State Border Committee is participation.

Not to mention the fact that Lukashenko himself directly declared about the special operation by special forces on the territory of Ukraine for the alleged release of truckers captured there.

That is, Lukashenko openly admitted that the Belarusian military were, were on the territory of Ukraine. Already in the course of the war.

The third lie – Ukraine was the first to unleash war against Belarus.

They arrested Belarusan cargoes, wagons with mineral fertilizers. They declared a blockade. And when did it happen?

Was it not when from the territory of Belarus the Russian troops, which were let in and supported by Lukashenko's regime in everything, WERE invading Ukraine and fighting? When they organised genocide in the Kiev region? When they carved out Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Borodyanka? When missiles flew from the territory of Belarus to Ukraine, fighter jets took off and struck Ukraine.

And Ukraine had to do what? Let Belarusian cargoes through? Maybe not to close the border with Belarus? After all, this is how the country that you, you Lukashenko, attacked should behave – right? And you keep on doing it. You keep doing it, you keep supporting the war, you keep producing weapons and ammunition for Russia? Train the Russian military on Belarusian firing ranges. Deploy Russian nuclear weapons and Wagner fighters. And participate in the deportation of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories?

And at the same time, to lie about peace. To lie about love for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. This is the most despicable lie heard in the dictator's interview.

Just like the lie that Putin is worried about Ukraine. The lie about "point operations". "Point operation" on the Mariupol Drama Theatre with a big sign saying "CHILDREN"? "Point operation" on the railway station in Kramatorsk? "Point operation" on shopping centers in Kiev, Kremenchuk? "Point operations" on residential neighborhoods? Maybe yesterday's ballistic missile strike on the Chernihiv Drama Theatre was also a "point operation"?

Such "point operations", in which dozens of peaceful, civilian people are killed, are carried out by Russia in Ukraine almost every day. And Lukashenko justifies and supports it.

The only truth that Lukashenko said during all these one and a half hours of lies is the following: "We will always help Russia. Only Belarus helps Russia so openly".

But even here I have to correct him – not Belarus. But you and your criminal, lying and vile regime. And you know that you will have to answer for it all. Both for your words and your actions.

And that's why you threaten. You threaten nuclear weapons. You threaten an unacceptable strike. You threaten the disappearance of Ukraine as a state. World war. And you're preparing for a new military exercise. "The largest military exercise", as your Ministry of Defence calls it. We remember very well how the previous one ended. "Peacemaker."

Peace will indeed come to Ukraine. Along with victory. Russia and its puppet Lukashenko – will lose. As dishonorably as they are fighting. And then responsibility will inevitably come.

Ukraine will be free. Belarus will be free. Truth will triumph over lies. Light will triumph over darkness.

The evil empire and its dictators will remain in the past, which we will all remember, but remember with the words – never again.



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