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Analytical Review of Sanctions

For over three years, the EU, the US, and other democracies have imposed sanctions on the dictatorial regime of Lukashenko, which consistently violates international law.

There are numerous myths and speculations surrounding the topic of sanctions. Only a few are genuinely trying to assess their true impact on the economy, regime, and society, while also proposing measures for their further enhancement.

You can familiarize yourself with the situation concerning sanctions in the analytical review of the National Anti-Crisis Management titled "Sanctions Pressure on the Lukashenko Regime (2020-2023)."

Sanctions - Analysis
Download PDF • 654KB

Аналитический ДОКЛАД
Download PDF • 663KB

This report aims to provide answers to several questions regarding the extent of the imposed measures, the effectiveness of sanctions in specific economic sectors, and measures that could enhance the existing and ongoing sanctions restrictions.




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