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Belarus or Russia? Time to choose

Today is the Day of Military Glory of Belarus. The anniversary of the famous Battle of Orsha, in which the troops of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, our heroic ancestors, defeated the almost three times superior forces of the Moscow invaders. Invaders who, just like 500 years ago, are still trying to subjugate our land and our people.

But, just like 500 years ago, so it is now — Belarus is alive. And it will live. After all, the cause of Prince Astrozhsky continues to live today. First of all, in our brave heroes, who, with arms in hand, together with their Ukrainian brothers-in-arms, again fight and defeat the enemy invasion.

And above all, they are worthy of this holiday, worthy of military glory. Glory to our heroes! Alive and perished.

You are an example, you are the honor, you are the dignity of Belarus. And the future of the independent Belarus army. Congratulations on the holiday of military glory! Thank you, each and everyone!

But there are other soldiers. The current Belarusian army. Is it worthy of this holiday?

No, I can't say that today.

But nevertheless, I am sure that most of you also understand where and who our real enemy is. Where the real threat to Belarus comes from, just like 500 years ago. And you see that it was Lukashenko who brought this threat to our doorstep. That the «russian world», to which he opened the gates to Belarus and Ukraine, will not just stop.

And although Russia is already beginning to understand that it cannot win the war against Ukraine. But feeling at home in Belarus, Russia is confident that it can keep our country to herself. Russian propaganda does not even hide these intentions and already lists the regions of our country that Russia claims first of all. Russian analysts, like the Russian leadership itself, consider the independence of Belarus a historical mistake. By the way, like Lukashenko, who considers independence an accident and a relative concept.

During almost 30 years of his reign, he surrendered our independence and our sovereignty to Russia step by step. And as a result, he allowed foreign soldiers to roam freely on Belarusian land as if it was their own. Allowed Belarus to be turned into an instrument of military aggression. Transform our land into a Russian military bridgehead.

But this is our land. And our ancestors fought for it for centuries, writing many glorious pages in the history of the struggle of Belarusians for independence and our very existence.

And the main threat to Belarus all this time was primarily Russia — in its various historical guises. It only changed names and masks, but never gave up its imperial ambitions. Russia did not give up its desire to subjugate and completely control Belarus.

And you see, you must see that Belarus will again have to face these ambitions. We will again have to defend our land, our independence, our Motherland. You must see who is dragging our country straight into the clutches of the aggressor. Who lied to you all this time, calling himself a «guarantor» of independence and sovereignty — and at the same time traded Belarus, sold it in parts. Only to secure another term in power.

But today Lukashenko is no longer needed even by his Kremlin masters. They no longer need a sovereignty trader — because they no longer want to trade. They just want to take. Knowing full well that the «guarantor» will agree to this. Only to preserve not even power, not the illusion of power, but his own skin.

But they forgot to ask us, Belarusians. Forgot to ask you, the military. Are we ready to give them our country? I am sure that the majority of Belarusians will answer firmly — no! This is our land!

Indeed, today I cannot congratulate the military personnel serving in Belarus on the Day of Military Glory. But I ask you — are you ready to give our Motherland to the Russians? Are you ready to let Lukashenko sell it to Russia? For the sake of him and his Kremlin «elder brothers,» are you ready to betray the oath, military glory and memory of all those who for centuries defended the right of Belarus and our people to exist?

The choice is simple. Glory or shame. Lukashenko and Russia — or independent Belarus. Make no mistake.



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