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National culture and language are our weapons, and at a time like this we must make full use of them

Source: NAM-media

The National Revitalization Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet Alina Koushyk spoke about what the dedication of the year 2023 means to the Belarusian language and national revitalization, and named the activities planned for the declared Year:

"This year, the United Transitional Cabinet will help to increase the daily use of the Belarusian language, to have more Belarusian language projects that are aimed at that.

What exactly are there plans to do? The detailed plan is still being finalized, but I can already say that we will make it easier for adults and children to learn the Belarusian language. We will promote the creation of a network of Belarusian schools. We will encourage Belarusian media platforms, including bloggers and celebrities, to use the Belarusian language more to popularize it.

When I started collecting information about various Belarusian cultural and educational projects and initiatives, I saw that there were just a lot of wonderful, "light-hearted" projects that popularize our language, culture and history. But not many people know about these projects. So, we will try to support them, to make the information about them accumulated and placed on one site in an attractive way.

We will also contribute to the Belarusian book publishing. We are a Scorinian, bookish nation. We have always had a high level of education. But today the regime is trying to destroy and ban Belarusian books. That is why we, following the example of the innovator Skorina, are going to bet on new technologies: we are going to promote creation of a whole library of Belarusian audio- and electronic books. To make sure that books reach Belarusians, we will take part in setting up a system of their distribution.

Overall, our goal is for the Belarusians to strengthen their national identity, which is especially important for those who went abroad. And it is important for all Belarusians without exception in the conditions of the "Russian world" offensive. Our national culture and language are a real weapon in such times. And we must take full advantage of it, given that this year could be a decisive one”.


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