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Belarusians against the war

How to make the WHOLE WORLD know that Belarusians are against the war and strengthen our anti-war flash mob?

Right now, a very important flash mob is taking place in social networks: “I, a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, am the supra of the Belarusian nation of Belarus and the wine of the Russian supra nation of Ukraine

On March 2, the UN General Assembly adopted a Resolution condemning Russia's war against Ukraine. 5 countries opposed the resolution: Russia, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, and Belarus.

That is, the permanent representative of Belarus to the UN Valentin Rybakov supported the war on behalf of our country. On the international stage. Despite the will of the Belarusian people.


The fact is that the issue of non-recognition of Lukashenka as president and non-recognition of his government has not yet been resolved. Both remain recognized in the world.

And with them all their representatives in international organizations, including the UN. This gives them the opportunity to officially vote and make decisions on our behalf.


You are already doing a very important thing - expressing your civil position in social networks and participating in an anti-war flash mob.

We propose to make it known to the whole world. And loudly declare that the Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN does not represent our position and is not authorized to vote on our behalf.

1) Post this text on your social networks (if this did not):

I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, am against Belarus' participation in Russia’s war against Ukraine. I demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus. I want my country to become a safe area, not to take part in the war and not to support Russia in it!

2) Tag EU, US government accounts in your post and other countries, as well as the UN.

List of accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

3) Duplicate your requests in the comments of these accounts.

We Belarusians are against war! And no one has the right to support it on our behalf!



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