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Not a cent for the war with Ukraine!

We must eliminate Russia’s offshore in Belarus

As part of the anti-war movement against Putin and Lukashenko’s aggression against Ukraine, the NAM team initiated a campaign to suspend foreign companies and service providers in Belarus.

Right now, foreign companies are leaving the Russian market in droves. The reason is the treacherous war against Ukraine launched by the Russian Federation.

But Russia is not the only aggressor in this war. The fact of co-aggression by the Lukashenko regime has already been recorded by the international community.

A huge resource from the Belarusian budget is being spent right now on the war with Ukraine, not on medicine, education, culture and social assistance.

Nevertheless, similar sanctions have not yet been applied against the Lukashenko regime and numerous well-known global companies continue to operate in Belarus.

The unevenness of the sanctions, the emergence of the 'Belarus offshore' and the continued operation of foreign companies in Belarus have left the Kremlin with an opportunity to evade sanctions and a source of funding for the war with Ukraine.

And to the Lukashenko regime the resources to complicity in this war, to hold on to power and to continue the repression of the Belarusians.

Yesterday our team sent the first batch of letters to the management of more than 30 companies, including Sony, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, British American Tobacco, Amazon, Seiko Epson Corporation, Apple and others.

We urge the leadership of companies which have already given up their presence on the Russian market and stopped financing the Putin regime to take a similar measure with regard to the Belarusian market and stop financing the Lukashenko regime.

If you are a representative of an organisation or structure representing the Belarusian democracies, or if your activities are related to opposition to the Lukashenko and Putin regimes and their unleashed military aggression against Ukraine — you can join our campaign and use a sample of our letter.



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