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Belarusians' resistance and EU sanctions against Lukashenko will lead to the dictator's departure

Belarusians continue to fight actively against Lukashenko’s regime: cyber partisans work, the Coalition of Protest Yards works. Belarusians are blocking the railway, going out to rallies and protests. Detainees are tortured for speaking out in support of Ukraine and against the war. Our volunteers fight in the Ukrainian territorial defence, volunteers help refugees.

If Lukashenko goes for a ground operation against Ukraine, we will have to take to the streets of the cities. No matter how painful and difficult it may be for us, Ukrainians are hurting more and harder now, and we understand that.

Tough, systemic, large-scale sanctions could stop the Lukashenko regime. The slowness, the unsystematic adoption of sanctions has resulted in Lukashenko remaining in power. The regime is self-destructive, but only the struggle of the Belarusians and strong sanctions against the regime together can produce results.


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