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Lukashenko will not be able to sit on two chairs

The NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich on Belsat

Belarusian "diplomats" have left Kyiv and the likelihood of Belarus engaging in an open war has significantly increased. This will lead to the fact that all sanctions applied to Russia will also be symmetrically applied to Belarus, and Lukashenka’s status as an aggressor in the war against Ukraine will be definitively determined.

Recognition of the occupation of Belarus would prevent any legal destruction of the country’s territorial integrity. Lukashenko will not be able to conclude any additional agreements with Russia during this conflict, under the guise of "concern" for national security.

Also the recognition of Belarus as an occupied territory will protect the Belarusians abroad who now face discrimination. People will come to understand that the people of Belarus are not collaborators of aggression, unlike Lukashenko’s puppet government. This will enable the world community not to talk about stopping the aggression from the territory of Belarus, but to demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from the occupied territory.


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