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Belarusians will always be able to negotiate with Belarusians

Pavel Latushka
Pavel Latushka Photo: the NAM-media

Pavel Latushka addressed civil servants during the hearings at the Coordination Council

I would like to appeal to those who are also listening very carefully to this report. Being inside the Lukashenko system in Belarus.

Perhaps it seemed to you that Lukashenko's lobbyists are strong and influential enough for the regime to avoid new sanctions and achieve the lifting of some of the sanctions imposed earlier?

No. And you can see it perfectly from my report.

Perhaps it seemed to you that Lukashenko himself is so cunning that even by unleashing mass repressions in Belarus and getting involved in the war against Ukraine on the side of Russia, he will be able to avoid responsibility for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity? To present himself as a “peacemaker” and “savior of children”?

No. And you are well aware of this, you are aware of the documents submitted by us to the International Criminal Court. With evidence of Lukashenko's involvement in the illegal transfer and re-education of Ukrainian children. And now you also know about the report on crimes against humanity in Belarus. In which it is recorded that at least 136 thousand people are already victims of such crimes.

And I once again draw your special attention to the fact established by the report that this attack on the civilian population in Belarus is the state policy of the Lukashenko regime

Perhaps you still think that Lukashenko is strong enough and able to control the situation at least within the country?

No. Instead, he surrendered our sovereignty to Russia. He allowed Belarus to be turned into a Russian military training ground, into a new nuclear target on the world map and into a lair for Russian terrorist mercenaries from the Wagner PMC, which is absolutely beyond his control.

He allowed Belarus to be drawn into the war against Ukraine, and now to draw it into a potential military conflict with Poland - that is, with NATO. Can you imagine the consequences? I'm sure you do.

So do you really think that this person, this system that you continue to serve, is capable of providing Belarus with some kind of stability, not to mention development? That Lukashenko is able to keep the peace, protect Belarus from war and ensure security? And yours, including your children.

And now I will ask you the main questions:

– Do you really want to become international criminals and be prosecuted all your life for crimes against humanity that have no statute of limitations?

– Do you want to continue serving a psychopath and de facto political bankrupt who is ready to drag the whole country with him to the very bottom, including each of you?

– Are you ready to let him do it? Are you ready to let him continue the war with Ukraine and start a war between Belarus and Poland, a war with NATO? Are you ready to become war criminals? Live in complete isolation from the civilized world?

We can still stop it. If not in 29 years, then in these three years you should have definitely understood who is the main problem of Belarus. Who is the main threat to the very existence of Belarus.

During these three years, you should have finally understood that we really have a common enemy. And his last name is Lukashenko. We have nothing to talk about with him.

Once again, tomorrow Lukashenko will provoke a conflict with Poland and Lithuania. What will you do then? What will you do when neighboring countries close their borders?

You know better than anyone why this will happen. Because Lukashenko provoked a hybrid war in the interests of the Kremlin with the participation of illegal migrants, and today he is moving Wagner mercenaries to NATO borders.

You, like no one else, understand why the West will close the borders. You will again lie to Belarusians.

We have a number of starting arguments for you:

  1. Lukashenko will be persecuted for life as part of international criminal prosecution.

  2. A number of you are facing the threat of similar persecution, and someone is going to this and, perhaps, not even of their own free will.

But the Belarusians will always be able to negotiate with the Belarusians. Unless, of course, you consider yourself Belarusians. If the sovereignty of Belarus, its independence and its security, are as important to you as they are to us.

For the sake of preserving the independence and statehood of the Republic of Belarus, for the sake of restoring peace, security and law on Belarusian soil, we are ready to talk to you.

But this conversation must begin with a complete halt to repression and violence. In this case, we can guarantee the suspension of our work on further sanctions pressure and international criminal prosecution.

You still have time to remember that you are Belarusians.

We still have time to save our country. Igor Petrovich Sergeenko, Maxim Vladimirovich Ryzhenkov, Maxim Leonidovich Ermolovich, Roman Aleksandrovich Golovchenko, Nikolai Gennadievich Snopkov and others.

Get in touch. You have contacts. And we continue to work. We continue to fight for Belarus.

Choose a side. The choice is extremely simple: Belarus or Lukashenko.

Long live Belarus!


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