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Courts in absentia will start working against all Belarusians

The NAM lawyer Mikhail Kirilyuk about the new law in a commentary for the "Belarus Brain" channel

No one has seen the text of the law. If, according to the authors, the law reflects the will of the Belarusians, why are they afraid to show it? The exact list of articles covered by the law would be really important if the regime actually prosecuted criminals.

In reality, the Belarusan security forces act in the opposite way:

  1. They find those individuals who they think pose a danger to them.

  2. They determine what kind of punishment they would like to apply.

  3. They select the article of the Criminal Code or the Administrative Offences Code which contains such sanctions.

  4. They falsify evidence in order to make this imitation look decent.

The first people who are going to be prosecuted under this "law" are the representatives of the democratic forces and activists. The practice of recent years shows that in the future any Belarusan can become a figurehead, whom the regime considers dangerous for itself.


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