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This has absolutely no legal basis

Artsiom Praskalovich on deprivation of citizenship

NAM lawyer gave a comment to "Malanka", in which he explained why the new scandalous initiative of the authorities is illegal.

The main theses:

  • even the Constitution, freshly adopted by and under Lukashenko, explicitly prohibits the forced deprivation of citizenship obtained by birth;

  • deprivation of citizenship is possible only in the case of enlistment in the military or civil service in another country;

  • the idea of deprivation of citizenship is no more legitimate than "trials in absentia" or execution for "attempted" terrorist attacks. From the legal point of view, these initiatives are nothing more than propaganda tricks;

  • a ruling to deprive a Belarusan of citizenship abroad gives grounds to apply for refugee or stateless person status in the country of residence;

  • all legislative initiatives adopted after 2020 require revision. The most inadequate ones require immediate repeal.



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