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Declaration of the participants of the Nuremberg Legal Conference

Legal conference on crimes of the Lukashenko regime, Nuremberg, 2021

The Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka summarized the results of the legal conference in Nuremberg on the crimes of Lukashenka’s regime: the participants approved the Declaration of the conference.

— The regime’s crimes have never been so massive as they began last summer — and are still continuing right this very minute. And they will not stop, I hope everyone understands this very well, until we stop them. Only our actions — of Belarusians, neighbors and all democratic countries in general — determine when crimes against humanity will stop in Belarus. It is in our power to stop it.

We must step up international legal pressure on the regime. In all the areas that we have discussed today — and that we have indicated in the Declaration of the participants of today’s conference. It is the official international non-recognition of Aliaksandr Lukashenka and his government. It is the acceleration of already initiated and the initiation of new criminal cases under universal jurisdiction. It is the recognition of Lukashenka’s regime as a terrorist and adding him to the list of terrorists. It is the creation of an international ad hoc tribunal to investigate crimes against humanity committed in Belarus by the Lukashenko regime over all the years of its rule.

Once again: it depends only on us how long Lukashenka’s criminals will continue terrorizing Belarus, as well as the whole of Europe. Let’s do everything to make the Belarusian people free and get rid of the terrorist threat in the center of Europe," said Pavel Latushka.


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