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You helped us raise money for a legal conference in Nuremberg — here's what it went to

Nuremberg, Niklas Frank
Nuremberg, Niklas Frank Source:

On October 11, the National Anti-Crisis Management held a legal conference in Nuremberg. There, together with politicians, lawyers and human rights activists, we adopted a declaration and an action plan to help bring the criminals of the Lukashenka regime closer to justice. Thanks to the conference, we established new contacts with politicians, lawyers and NGO representatives, and determined the algorithm of further actions to put legal pressure on the regime in order to bring the perpetrators to international criminal responsibility.

Before the conference, we organized a fundraiser for the costs of organizing it. At the time of publication, you have helped raise 9,594.67 euros. Thank you to everyone who transferred money and participated in the organization of the conference — without you it would not have happened. We appreciate your contribution!

The total cost was 11,686.43 euros. That’s where the money went:

  • accommodation of the team and speakers in Nuremberg — 1821.44 euros;

  • tickets for transportation to and from the conference venue for the team and speakers — 2662.08 euros;

  • conference room rental, coffee breaks, a visit to the Nuremberg Trials Museum, stationery and booklets — 2327.24 euros;

  • Microphones, cameras and other equipment, work of technicians and interpreters for online broadcasts — 4048 euros;

  • PayPal commission and blocked amounts due to bots (mass transfers of $ 1 to stop the collection) — 827.67 euros.

We need another 2091.76 euros to cover the full cost. You can help us with this — the collection on PayPal is ongoing. To make the transfer, you need an account in the payment system. You can transfer funds from the link in your profile.

We will tell you about further steps to increase the legal pressure on the regime in the coming days.


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