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Does Lukashenko think about what will happen after him?

Pavel Latushka: Deputy head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

Like any dictator, convinced of the grandeur and exclusivity of his personality, Lukashenko undoubtedly contemplates what will happen after him and how to commemorate his name, as well as to solidify his legacy.

However, Lukashenko's actions, particularly since 2020, demonstrate his rapid destruction of Belarusian sovereignty through the so-called Union State project. Paradoxically, in the dictator's mind, this project to dismantle the Belarusian state coexists with his belief that he, as the first president, is the creator of the state and that this constitutes his primary legacy.

This mindset fuels his unhealthy megalomania, leading to the pursuit of grandiose projects such as the BelNPP, nuclear weapons, dreams of nuclear power, and the construction of palaces and residences that serve as monuments to himself during his lifetime. Rewriting the Constitution, manipulating laws, and securing personal guarantees are all part of the same narrative. This is also where his admiration for Hitler stems from.

Historian Alexander Friedman has drawn attention to Lukashenko's sudden use of the term "living space," which has historical associations with the Nazis' concept of "Lebensraum".

However, Belarusians remain unconvinced by these endeavors. The "people's love" that Lukashenko yearns for is enforced through the brutality of security forces, mass terror, and torture in prisons.

Regardless of how long Lukashenko plans to cling to power or merely survive, he can be certain of two things: first, he will face persecution until the end of his life, whether political or biological, for the crimes he has committed, which have no statute of limitations; second, he will undoubtedly be remembered as the most despised figure in the eyes of the Belarusian people. This will be the sole legacy he leaves behind.

Rest assured, we will exert every effort to ensure that Lukashenko wakes up each day with the realization of his fate — confined within a prison cell, where he and his "legacy" rightfully belong.

*We recommend reading the report prepared by NAM analytics titled "The Union State as a Cover Up Instrument for imperial policy of Russia" for further insights.

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