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Everyone is closely watched by Lukashenko

Deputy Head of NAM, Artsiom Brukhan, on repressive changes in the so-called legislation

Lukashenko aims to isolate everyone behind the Iron Curtain and exert total control. This week, the illegitimate authorities introduced several changes and additions to the so-called legislation concerning the travel procedures for Belarusian citizens abroad. The updated procedure for registering permanent residence abroad includes a significant change. There will now be a universal mark in the passport, no longer tied to a specific country. This could potentially be followed by an obligation to allow travel only for individuals with such a mark or a valid visa from the Republic of Belarus, greatly limiting the freedom of movement for Belarusians.

It is important to remember that previously, the illegitimate authorities required Belarusian citizens to report their foreign citizenship or residence permit, as well as possession of a Pole card. The KGB is now empowered to restrict travel for individuals under preventive registration with state security agencies or for those whose travel contradicts the national security interests of the Republic of Belarus.

Furthermore, recent changes have also affected government officials. All civil servants are now required to obtain permission from their superiors for any travel abroad, whether it be a tourist trip, a weekend excursion, a shopping tour, or a visit to relatives. Coordination of departures from Belarus for officials and judges will be based on an application submitted no later than 10 calendar days before the departure date. However, it is likely that these timeframes may be extended significantly, given that these permits will be issued exclusively by heads of government agencies who may have thousands of subordinates under their command.

In conclusion, we are faced with a new reality from which even those who chose to remain within the system can no longer escape. Lukashenko is a problem that affects all Belarusians without exception. The solution lies in our unity as Belarusians. We are well aware of the national consensus reached in 2020 and the path we all chose with an overwhelming majority of votes. It is clear who violated this agreement and stole our choice.

The choice remains unchanged. Lukashenko must fade into oblivion. Today, even those who were once hesitant to stand with the people in 2020 understand this reality.


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