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Head of NAM Pavel Latushka took part in the ceremony of memory of the prisoners of Buchenwald

At the invitation of the German Buchenwald-Dor Mittelbau Memorial Foundation, Pavel Latushka today took part in the memorial ceremony for the victims of the concentration camp in Buchenwald

This event took place on the eve of International Day for the Liberation of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps.

Due to the aggression of Russia and the Belarusian regime against Ukraine, building peace and freedom of our peoples is now more important than ever.

The Foundation has decided not to invite diplomats from Russia and Belarus to the ceremony, noting in a statement that “after the violent death of former Buchenwald prisoner Boris Romanchenko during the Russian attack on Kharkov, the presence of official representatives of the rulers of Russia and Belarus would be unbearable.”

"For me, the very presence, as well as the opportunity to speak today in Buchenwald, is a moral duty and a response to dictators who have forgotten about the greatest tragedy of the 20th century,” said Pavel Latushka

We will sack our barracks only then, kali aposhni from the winery of the country before the court of the people — a phrase from the oath, which was read out by Pavel Latushka in Belarusian in memory of the dead prisoners of the concentration camp in 77th Anniversary his release. Together with a representative of the democratic forces of Belarus, representatives of the civil society of Ukraine and Russia read out the oath.

Pavel Latushka laid a wreath with a white-red-white ribbon at the monument. The wreath with the historical symbols of Belarus was ordered by the organizers of the event on their own initiative.

In his speech to the participants of the ceremony, the head of the Buchenwald Foundation gave a fundamental assessment of the aggression against Ukraine unleashed Russia with the support of the Lukashenka regime.

A separate part of the ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Boris Romanchenko, one of the former prisoners of Buchenwald, who died in Kharkov after being shelled by Russian troops.

Pavel Latushka met with the head of the memory fund Buchenwald-Dora Mittelbau Jens-Christian Wagner . During the meeting, the representative of the democratic forces of Belarus noted that since the first days of the war unleashed by Russia and the Lukashenka regime against Ukraine, 1.5 thousand citizens of the country who took part in anti-war actions have already been detained in Belarus. Actions were held in more than 25 cities of Belarus.

In an interview with the German media, Pavel Latushka paid special attention to the fact of mass repressions carried out in Belarus.

The Foundation decided not to invite official representatives of Russia and Belarus to the ceremony, noting that their presence would be “unbearable” due to the death of former Buchenwald prisoner Boris Romanchenko under shelling.

The representative of the People's Embassy of Belarus in Germany Mikhail Taube took part in the ceremony together with Pavel Latushka.


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