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Human Rights Sanctions Package

Poland and the Baltic Countries Support NAU Proposals

During the meeting on January 9, the leadership of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus met with Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski, and transmitted him proposals from the NAM regarding the necessity of aligning trade sanctions against the Lukashenko regime and Russia. Additionally, proposals were presented to implement a human rights sanctions package that would restrict the import of goods produced by political prisoners in the institutions of the Department of Execution of Punishments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lukashenko regime into the EU.

On January 12, these proposals for a human rights sanctions package, as well as sanctions against the so-called Union State, were submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister of Poland in response to a request from the Polish side.

This week, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia reached an agreement to promote the harmonization of trade sanctions against the Lukashenko regime and Russia. Yesterday, the Polish Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling for the adoption of a new human rights sanctions package targeting the Lukashenko regime due to the significant deterioration of human rights in Belarus and the blatant violations of international law.

Our proposals have garnered support among partner countries within the European Union. It is crucial that accountability is both genuine and effective.


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