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U.S. to extend sanctions against Lukashenko regime

Source: NAM-media

U.S. lawyers, the Cabinet and the NAM are actively working to bring the Lukashenko’s regime to justice

On February 1 at the Museum of Free Belarus representatives of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus Pavel Latushka, Valery Sakhashchyk and Aliaksandr Azarau met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Robin Dannigan.

The representative of the US Department of State responsible for Central and Eastern Europe confirmed that the American side continued to consistently advocate free elections in Belarus, release of all political prisoners and prosecution of the Lukashenko’s regime for supporting the war against Ukraine.

Robin Dunigan assured that the USA would extend sanctions against Lukashenko's regime. The proposals of the United Transitional Cabinet to impose sanctions restrictions for continued mass repression and support of the war will be taken into account.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State also said that the investigation into the act of air piracy associated with the forced landing of Ryanair regime is ongoing.

The representative of the U.S. Department of State welcomed the proposal of Pavel Latushka, representative of the Cabinet on the transfer of power, about the importance of developing a unified strategy of the partner countries for Belarus.

The parties also discussed the prospects of bringing the Lukashenko’s regime to account for the crimes that are of concern to the entire international community (aggression, crimes against humanity). Robin Dunigan said that American lawyers are actively working in this direction. The corresponding proposals were made by representatives of the Cabinet and the NAM.

During the meeting it was emphasized that the international security system is currently under a critical threat and the Belarusian context is one of the key factors in the development of the war between Russia and Lukashenko's regime against Ukraine.

These circumstances point to the need for further cooperation to ensure the transition of power from an authoritarian regime to a democratic society.


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