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Is it worth applying to the "commission on return to Belarus" created by Lukashenko?

NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich about the trap of the regime

The paper signed by Lukashenko guarantees nothing, except that your personal data will certainly fall into the hands of executioners and propagandists.

Terrorists do not care about their victims. They want new hostages. And they want you to blame yourself, to sign a confession that is not a crime, to publicly apologize for something you should be proud of.

This commission has no authority to save you from being persecuted by the regime's collaborators. It only makes recommendations and informs. The main purpose of all this regime hype in the so-called "year of peace and creation" is to demonstrate the supposed desire in society to turn the page.

Remember, the real criminals are part of this commission. They will soon find themselves in the dock of international tribunals and national courts.



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