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Is Lukashenko a terrorist?

To recognize Belarus as a country-sponsor of terrorism or to recognize the actions of the Lukashenko’s regime as state terrorism?

So, the first option — is recognition of Belarus as a sponsor of terrorism. Such recognition can take place by analogy with the resolution of Polish Sejm of December 14, 2022, regarding Russia.

Thus, the document says: "The Sejm of the Republic of Poland recognizes the Russian Federation as a state that supports terrorism and uses terrorist measures.”

Dispersal of peaceful protests by a Belarusian KGB unit
Minsk, 2020. Dispersal of peaceful protests by a unit of the Belarusian KGB

What is recognized as the basis for such a resolution?

  • "Russia systematically violates human rights, international law and the Charter of the United Nations, as well as a number of other obligations."

  • "attacks the territories of other countries, commits armed attacks, war crimes and genocide."

  • "engages in hostile acts of economic activity, particularly in the field of energy."

  • bears "direct responsibility for the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014.”

  • Russia repeatedly violates the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

But on what grounds can Lukashenko's Belarus be recognized as a sponsor of terrorism?

On the reasons that, like Putin, the Belarusian dictator:

  • Has systematically violated human rights, international law and the Charter of the United Nations (as expressed in the criminal prosecution of Belarusian citizens for political views, torture in prisons and jails), as well as a number of other obligations;

  • has committed, through the KGB, an act of aerial piracy and human seizure, has terrorized the European Union for a year and a half with the migration crisis, using foreign persons in vulnerable situations to put pressure on the EU;

  • as stated earlier, is an accomplice to the aggression on the side of Russia against Ukraine (Belarus is recognized as a coaggressor in the conflict in PACE resolution No. 2482 of January 26, 2023);

  • has provided, against the wishes of the people of Belarus, territory for a foreign army to invade Ukraine, is assisting the army of a country using terrorist methods by placing its weapons and means of warfare on its territory (including maintenance), and is also transferring its own weapons for use in Russia's acts of terror.

The Lukashenko regime does all this.

Unloading of Russian Armed Forces equipment in Belarus
Unloading of Russian Armed Forces equipment in Belarus

As we said, the second option to give an objective internationally recognized legal assessment of the actions of the Lukashenko regime, according to the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism of May 29, 1987, would be to recognize the actions of his regime as state terrorism.

What are the reasons?

  • The practice of a police state against its own people for the purpose of domination through fear through surveillance, disruption of group gatherings, control of the media, beatings, torture, false and mass arrests, false accusations and rumors, show trials, assassinations, executions without due process of law.

  • Military maneuvers or games conducted by one state near another state for the purpose of threatening the political independence or territorial integrity of that other state.

  • Disinformation campaigns conducted by a State to destabilize another State or to create public support for economic, political or military power or intimidation directed against another State.

  • Arms sales that support the continuation of regional wars and hamper the search for political solutions to international disputes.

  • The abolition of civil rights, civil liberties, constitutional protection and the rule of law under the pretext of allegedly fighting terrorism.

Recognition of Belarus as a country that supports terrorism, or recognition of the actions of the Lukashenko’s regime as state terrorism, is an exclusively political decision that can be initiated at the suggestion of deputies of the Sejm, such as deputies who support democratic forces.

On February 8, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of January Uprising, the Senate will pass a resolution concerning Belarus.

The adoption of such a resolution is a legal separation between the Lukashenko regime and the Belarusian people, support for the Belarusian civil society and, importantly, the basis for the Polish government to strengthen sanctions against the dictatorial regime.

Corresponding political decisions of the national parliaments of EU countries will play an important role in the international isolation of Lukashenko's regime, stopping its financing from foreign sources, and creating prerequisites for the launch of an independent international investigation of the crimes committed and human rights violations.


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