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Tribunal for Lukashenko — For several months, we have consistently pushed this idea

Pavel Latushka commented on the resolution of the European Parliament, which calls for a special international tribunal against Lukashenko and the military and political leadership of the Republic of Belarus for their participation in war crimes against Ukraine:

"We welcome today’s resolution of the European Parliament. During the last months, the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, the National Anti-Crisis team and various representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus have consistently pushed this idea.

Currently, there are active consultations at a Ministerial level, for example with Ministers of Justice of a number of European countries on the criminal liability of individuals guilty of aggression against Ukraine.

Our next task will be to ensure that Lukashenko’s name and members of his junta are included in the provisions of this international tribunal.

We are convinced that an international tribunal will be established, Lukashenko and his cronies will be brought to criminal justice."


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