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Let's honor the memory of those who died in the fight against fascism

On May 8, 1945 the world learned that the bloodiest war in Europe was ended with the defeat of Hitler's fascism. The post-war security system was based on the principle of the prohibition of aggression - this must never happen again.

77 years later we have become witnesses of the terrible events taking place in brotherly Ukraine where explosions are once again heard and civilians are killed.

We, belarusians and europeans, remember all the terrible mistakes of the past and understand the tragedy of modern war. The military aggression of Russia and the regime of Belarus against the people of Ukraine must stop! Belarusians are against the war!

We honor the memory of those who liberated European countries from the fascist plague in the twentieth century and are proud of the Ukrainians and those who are now heroically fighting on the side of Ukraine to ensure that such a phenomenon has no place on earth.

The National Anti-Crisis Management team suggests that on May 8, 2022, you take part in laying flowers on the graves of the soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of Europe from fascism.

Place your flowers at the graves of those who died in the war against fascism:

Address: Żwirki I Wigury 51, 02-091 Warszawa (google maps)

Beginning at 12:00 noon.



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