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Gift to the Museum of Free Belarus from a bright participant of the Belarusian marches

One of the brightest and most famous participants of the Belarus marches of 2020, Inna Zaitseva, a "bride of WRW", visited the team of the National Anti-Crisis Management with a valuable gift.

Inna donated to the Museum of Free Belarus a white-red-white wedding dress, in which she took part in the protests, inspiring the Belarusians, and from behind which she was specially watched by the Belarusian security forces.

As the owner of the product herself says, this dress is the second one she has bought specifically for the campaigns, to "make her voice louder. The first WRW dress was confiscated as material evidence when Inna was detained in Grodna, where she had come from Minsk to support the striking workers of Grodna Azot.

Despite protocols, fines, detentions and arrests, the position of our heroine and hundreds of thousands of other Belarusian women, bravely demonstrated to the regime, is written in the general history of the Belarusian protest.

The National Anti-Crisis Management expresses its sincere gratitude to Inna Zaitseva and thanks all those who donate items of museum significance and their digital copies to the Museum of Free Belarus Foundation.

We would like to remind you that in connection with our acquisition of museum space, we are intensifying the collection of items related to the protest movement in Belarus in 2020 and up to the present day, as well as its long-standing prehistory.

Your information and contacts sent via chatbot @NAUsupport will remain anonymous if you choose.

Together, we'll keep our history alive.


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